Friday, March 14, 2014

QC Automatically download Test Case Utility with User Interface

In this post I am posting an Utility that will automatically download Test Case from QC.The difference in this utility is that I have created an UI in excel which will ask the person about it's credentials like User Name, Password , Project Name and Domain Name.So instead changing in the code that many people found difficult I have implemented the same using Excel User Interface Methodology.

Steps to Execute:

Step1: Download Utility

Step2: Enable Macros

Step3: Click on Download Test Case Button and a form will be enable.

Step4: Enter your data on the form and click ok.

Step5: Please mentioned the correct path under Path Folder, it will be your QC Test Case Path from test plan.

The Excel is fully integrated with exception handling so any field left blank will pop you an error message.

Let me know if any further more information is required.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Error || Active X Component can't Create Object || QC and VBA Connectivity

While connecting with QC using VBA or VB Script using QC OTA library encountered an error message which says "Active X Component Can't Create Object".

After couple of hours debugging found issues in my OTA library and the simple resolution is to install TD Connectivity add in again.

Below are the steps listed that will guide you to how to install addin.

Step1: Open your QC URL which might be ( http://<server address>//qcbin.

Step2: Navigate to Addin Page.

Step3: It is free and easily downloadable as well.

Step4: After installation the code disappear and scripts start working.

Let me know if any more help is required on this.

Apart from this I did try re-registered my dll into registry editor but didn't help.