Thursday, July 4, 2013

HP Service Test Integration with ALM

Service Test integrates with ALM, the HP centralized quality solution. ALM helps you maintain a project of all kinds of tests (such as tests, components, business process tests, manual tests, tests created using other HP products,and so on) that cover all aspects of your application’s functionality. Each test or component in your project is designed to fulfill a specified testing requirement of your application. To meet the goals of a project, you organize the tests in your project in unique groups.
ALM provides an intuitive and efficient method for scheduling and running tests or components, collecting results, analyzing the results, and managing test and component versions. It also features a system for tracking defects,enabling you to monitor defects closely from initial detection until
At its most basic level, integrating Service Test with ALM enables you to store and access tests, components, and resource files in an ALM project, when Service Test is connected to ALM.
Service Test integrates with Service Test Management, ALM’s extension for storing and managing application components, such as Web services.Service Test Management is an extension of ALM and it provides an efficient method for storing and retrieving application components.

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  1. Is it possible to call API tests from a GUI test using VB Script? Please help...