Thursday, July 4, 2013

Excel QC Addin || Download And install

Most of the times i heard from tester how to use Excel Addin for QC integration. I have listed down the simple steps that would be easily help you to download and install excel addin which is really beneficial.

Step1: Download Excel Addin from the link mentioned below.
Download QC Addin for ALM

Step2: Install the addin on the machine which have QC configured with server link and make sure that any open excel is closed.

Step3:After Successful installation verify the Addin ribbon at the top of the Toolbar.

Step4:It Should show the option "Export to Quality Center"

Step5:Clicking on it wizard must open up successfully.

Step6: Congratulation you have installed the addin perfectly.

The Addin is used only to export the following components from Excel to QC.
  • Requirements
  • Defects
  • Test

If you still encounter any Problem....then let me know i would be happy to assist you.

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