Sunday, May 12, 2013

Simple Way of Adding Defects to Quality Center

Below is the Simple and working code that will log defect in Quality whenever encountered by your scripts.

Connects to Quality Center from a Quick Test test and adds a bug to the database. 

Dim TDConnection
Set TDConnection = CreateObject("TDApiOle.TDConnection")

TDConnection.InitConnection "http://yovav/tdbin" ' URL for the DB 'Enter the URL as per your server.

TDConnection.ConnectProject "TD76","bella","pino"  ' Valid login information.Change Parameter like User Name and Password.
If TDConnection.Connected Then
    MsgBox("Connected to " + chr (13) + "Server " + TDConnection.ServerName _
    + chr (13) +"Project " + TDConnection.ProjectName )
    MsgBox("Not Connected")
End If

'Get the IBugFactory
 Set BugFactory = TDConnection.BugFactory

'Add a new empty bug

Set Bug = BugFactory.AddItem (Nothing) 

'Fill the bug with relevant parameters

Bug.Status = "New"

Bug.Summary = "Connecting to TD"

Bug.Priority = "4-Very High" ' depends on the DB

Bug.AssignedTo = "admin" ' user that must exist in the DB's users list'

Bug.DetectedBy = "admin" ' user that must exist in the DB's users list
'Post the bug to database (commit)

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